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It's a backstage pass to info on jobs and life at 50+. Gen Plus, headed by Janet Wendy Spiegel, is dedicated to baby boomers and the plus generation of age 50 and older. Read up and speak out on issues affecting your future: jobs, income, life and respect.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcome to Gen Plus

Hello and welcome to the Gen Plus Blog. Gen Plus is an infant company, specializing in services for 50 plus...and most particularly ages 50 - 65. Our services range from a relevant Job Talent Bank, Online Dating, Education, to Products developed by those who are 50 Plus.

We offer help for current and troubling issues. The biggest crisis looming on the horizon the impact on the job market due to millions and millions of Baby Boomers heading into or already in retirement. Add to that the tail-end of Post World War II babies who are sitting in an unsettling retirement.

I'd love to have your comments and reactions to our site www.genplususa.com and to the issues that affect 50 plus...I like to call them Generation Plus...or Gen Plus. During this early period in our own lifecycle, we will be populating a rather unique database, which will launch in a new format in June. We are actively gathering resumes, so if you are over 50 and looking to re-establish yourself in the job market, please visit the site and forward your resume. For the next several months, there will be no charge to post a resume. Within a few weeks we'll have free job postings to browse, too. Right now, we want to get your resumes out to Hiring Professionals! Once our revamped site launches, we'll simply contact you and have you fill out the new profile.

Also, in the coming weeks, keep your eyes posted for some very interesting contributors -- you'll be hearing from a professor, a UCLA visiting scholar of mathematics and physics with a unique perspective on aging that mirrors our concerns at Gen Plus. (His published paper will be available online at that time.)

As well, a top geriatric specialist will be discussing depression -- the most common affliction of those forced into an unwelcome retirment. If you have any specific questions or concerns on this topic, please send a post and if it fits into the discussion, we'll certainly respond.

And lots of other experts will join us -- from Human Resource professionals to an award-winning writer who will offer tips on memoir writing, to a well-known LA Interior Designer who understands the challenges of downsizing.

We are currently searching for innovative products to add to our catalogue, so if you are over 50 and are in need of distribution for your book, jewellery, environmentally friendly solar-powered lawn mower, we want to hear from you. Contact us at info@elderwork.com and we'll forward our guidelines for getting your products into cyberspace, so that you can cushion your own nest egg.

At Gen Plus, we are determined to change the shape of 50 plus life. As its founder, I'm only a few years away myself. So, thanks for joining us on this journey. I'll keep you posted on how we grow at Gen Plus!

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