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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

From Blog to IPod

When I started Gen Plus, a maverick young web designer started talking to me about Blogs. I was part of the me generation...I bought into the 80's...the triple shoulder pads, leggings AND legwarmers. I was cutting edge. With a background in film and theater, I flitted and floated from wrap party to wrap party at warp speed. I had one of the first Sony Walkman's and, boy, that was sound!

Whether it was ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) for those of you too young or too old to know who they were, on 8-track tape, or trying Sushi for the first time in Montreal in 1989...I was cutting edge and I knew it.

So when Maverick started talking Blog to me...spouting terms like RRS and Atom, static vs. dynamic...well...I was shocked. I had no clue what he was talking about. Had I heard about Blogs? Sure...of course. I followed one of them on a fairly constant basis. But this...this was rocking MY world.

The world of Blog was unlike anything I'd been prepared for. Reality TV in a website. Absolutely fascinating. And then I discovered, that MY target market, my brethren, my sisterhood...those 50 and older...had no CLUE what a blog was. They could not distinguish the difference between the business website, www.genplususa.com which provides the products and services they are looking for AND this blog, which are the behind-the-scenes glimpses into watching a business bloom and grow.

But, proudly, I, on my own, singlehandedly undertook to undestand Blogese, Blog mentality, Blog etiquette...and...I got it.

So with a great feeling of security and trust in technology, I asked my sisters to get me a special present for my birthday. And they did. An IPod.

Forget BLOG!

This is really where it is all at. Of course, I won't bore you with the details of how many hours it took me to figure out how to use the darned thing. But I will tell you that when I went on my walk this morning, listening to the Gipsy Kings, followed by US3, and then Dean Martin...I was in heaven!

Now, my challenge is to get 78 million 50 plussers to understand the value and fun of Blogging AND to learn how to program their IPods! Good night!

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