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Friday, November 11, 2005

Media Attention in all the Right Places!

Guest writer, Cass Brown (http://www.cancergiggles.blog-city.com) has once again commanded the attention of the UK media. The Comet recognizes what we all do. Cass has a great talent. The ability to make you laugh. Follow the link to read the full story.

Oh...and Cass WAS smiling for the photo shoot. He really does laugh. A lot. Really. They just chose the one shot where he wasn't. With over 275,000 visitors to his blog, you can bet that his book is a must-read. It is an even more compelling read than the blog. A great "heart" writer, that Cancergiggles guy! To purchase his book, head over to our Shop! and get an original print run before they are gone.

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