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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Wendy...

Q: I have an elderly friend who is trying to raise two granddaughters. He has recently lost his job and doesn't seem to be hirable anywhere. He does not have a computer. Is there any way you may be able to help him?


A: Dear K.S.,

I started Gen Plus specifically because of the type of tough situation your friend finds himself in. Many current job searches require the use of a computer because many applications are now expected to come in online. Your friend will have a bit of a challenge, but he can access computers for free at most local libraries and he may have to do so if he cannot use a friend's.

The Gen Plus system is an internet service as with many current services and job banks today. If he cannot use a computer at a local library, perhaps a friend, such as yourself can post his resume on the site and look for potential positions to apply for. There are many, many job banks that allow jobseekers to post resumes. There are very few that cater specifically to the 50 plus demographic, however, he should post his resume in as many places as he can possibly find, including Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. He’ll have to do some legwork and call the HR department at any company he is interested in pursuing and ask to fill out a manual (rather than online generated) job application.

In the body copy, headline or objective of the resume builder, note “phone calls only please” or put your email address instead. That way recruiters will have a way to contact him other than via email.

In the short term and to secure some immediate funds, I’d recommend that your friend register with every temporary agency in the area (such as Kelly Services who have assignments across the US) so he can get quick temporary assignments. Also, retail outlets (like Home Depot and WalMart) can be very senior friendly in terms of immediate hiring.

Wendy, founder Gen Plus

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