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Monday, June 12, 2006

Help. I'm 50 Plus. I've fallen and I can't get up!

When you run an internet-based business, one that is focused on a specific niche, like the 50 plus or Boomer market, you discover another world. It is the world of questions.

Because the internet is search engine driven, people, like you, find sites, like mine, by looking for information. And in the 50 plus demographic, often the information that you seek, is really a question. In our case, we see the same question repeated over and over again in many different ways.

How do I...

  • make a career switch after fifty?
  • start a career at fifty?
  • find possibilities for a jobseeker after 50?
  • discover job postings for 50 plus?
  • find work as a writer, lawyer, accountant, teacher, marketer, etc., etc. after 50?
  • reinvent myself in the job market?
  • deal with turning 50?

And the emails I receive so often speak of the despair and insecurity that lies behind the question. Even though the net is such a vast, vast territory, 50 plussers who blog and create sites dedicated to 50 plus are relatively few. So I see increasing numbers of 50 plussers seeking us out...searching for answers to the job market problems that no one foresaw.

My commitment to the strength and success of those 50 plus looking to stay in the job market remains steady. Within the next month, I'll have some new materials to offer (and some fun and needed products in the shop!)

Summer is almost here for all my North American, European and Asian friends (and winter for my visitors from down under, of course.) Summer is a time to celebrate spring's renewal and take a vacation from the stressors of the day and to shed some sunlight on the despair -- there are many 50 plussers looking for new jobs, new careers, additional income.

The reason I have listed so many of the search keywords that pop up is because no one wants to believe that they are alone in their challenge. You are not alone.


Snarky Boomer said...

Hi Wendy:

What does that last paragraph in the post mean, "The reason I have listed so many of the search keywords..."?

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Hi Ellie,

When you monitor traffic to your site (like I do with both Gen Plus and this blog) one of the interesting things you discover is what queries people type into the search engines. Those are called "keywords" or "search keywords". All the questions that I listed in this post came from keywords that users, like you, typed into the search engine to find answers to what you were looking for. I realize, upon re-reading the post, that was not clear to my readers. Thanks for the very good question. Hope that clears it up for you.