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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blogging Boomers Carnival #61

I'm the host of this week's Blogging Boomers Carnival -- it is unusual to host twice in a month, so I'm doubly honored to focus your attention on the thoughts, observations and meanderings of the eclectic group of bloggers who take part in our weekly carnival.

Right out of the gate, is a post by one of the Carnival co-founders, Wesley Hein. His post this week looks at what happens when spouses have different sleeping patterns; night owls versus early birds.

Now that you are awake, our other Carnival co-founder, Rhea Becker, stirs up a little political poetry: Could there possibly be a silver lining to the scandal involving New York Governor Eliot Spitzer?

Speaking of comedy...where does comedy fit in our political culture? Where should it? What’s changed since the Mort Sahl days? Anything? Head over to Don't Gel Yet for an insightful look into politics and humor.

So Baby Boomer brings some useful silver to the table: As Baby Boomers see retirement in their horizon, financial planners counsel against these common mistakes.

Now that you've turned your silver into a bit of gold, look for your ideas of what to wear this Spring over at Fabulous after 40, where the Glam Gals have the latest scoop from Boomer Beauties in Palm Beach.

But, hold on to your money just a little bit longer...The Wastrel Show passes along this info: The recession is taking a bite out of dining out. You may just want to see what's being served before you place your order.

No hints, tips, advice or thought-provoking articles from Contemporary Retirement this week... just a cute and funny video entitled 'Charlie bit me!' that's been doing the rounds in the UK.

And from yours truly, if you haven't considered the concept of "skills-chunking", read this post from earlier this week and see what jobs might fit your chunks!

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