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Sunday, June 01, 2008

An interesting dilemma -- how to make a career switch?

One of the many hats I wear includes answering career questions as an expert on AllExperts.com. I recently got a very interesting query on making a total switch which brings up a whole world of possibility.


Hello Janet,

I have been working in IT industry since last 3 and half years. However, now I don't feel anymore interested in this field. Can you please suggest if there are any other non-IT field jobs which I can get qualified for and still use my 3 years of experience. I know this is very little information for you to answer my question but please feel free if you need any more information about my job profile? Please help... M.

My answer:

Hi M,

It is always challenging to switch tracks because employers have trouble seeing how your skill sets can translate to new areas. However, employers are having trouble themselves with staffing and recruiting, so figuring out how to reposition yourself will be critical in making the switch. There is a world of opportunity, so to get started, you need to identify what types of jobs seem appealing to you and then it becomes easier to figure out the crossover. For example, a background in IT might help you get into an entry level position in recruiting, where the company uses a complicated job/applicant tracker program. Or you might find a smaller company with a chain of 5-10 retail outlets that have transitioned over to a POS program (Point of Sale)and would like to have someone on board who can make use of all the bells and whistles that come with the system (like pulling customer lists for marketing campaigns, analyzing customer quarterly purchases, inventory management, etc.) Feel free to send me more info on what appeals to you and I'll bet we can come up with a slew of ideas for you to get cracking on!

Best regards,
Janet Wendy Spiegel

If you have other thoughts, feel free to share. I'm curious what your perspective might be!

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