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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Calling all Employers!

Even with all the chatter about the focus on 50 plus and aging Boomers, there is still really....mostly chatter. What is becoming clearer, day by day, as the result of many, mighty, meticulous studies on Boomers is that Boomers and Young Seniors will continue to work -- often well into their 70's. Now, I don't think we really needed the studies to tell us that. As Boomers and Plus, we are certainly well aware of our own financial and emotional needs going forward.

However, what the studies are doing is raising awareness in the Employer landscape. About two years ago, one of the largest headhunter and placement firms, Korn Ferry, started polling its jobseekers to find out what their company's were doing to plan for the management shortage that is creeping in. (If you have been an active jobseeker, you are starting to notice the increase in job openings. If you are an employer, you've begun to notice how hard it is to fill your management positions.)

The challenge that is facing us...at least over the next couple of years, is that employers, generally, are not up to speed yet on the value of posting to the niched 50 plus market. If you are an employer reading this, then welcome! Because we need you. What we are seeing at Gen Plus, is that the demand for jobs is very high among our 50 plus members. However, most employers generally do not recognize (yet! We're working on it!!) the value of hiring within the niche of 50 Plus.

So, of course, we have some wonderful employers who post with us and hundreds of job openings across the US. They value, need and actively recruit the 50 Plus demographic. And for many reasons. Work ethic tops the list. And management experience is a big plus.

So what are the fields that are typically 50 plus friendly so far? Banking and finance, Healthcare (anything! from administrative, to nursing, to facility management), Engineering, Education (big! Especially at younger age levels -- pre-school, elementary school), General Management and even Law.

Even with the media exposure we've been picking up, we need and want more qualified employers. The ball is rolling, but the more employers who set their sites on our 50 plussers, the greater their benefit. And at Gen Plus, we only advertise jobs that are posted by companies that really do look for the 50 plus worker.

As someone who has hired (yes, and fired) many in my corporate life, the easier the search, the easier the prequalificition, the happier I was. I was never a fan of the shotgun approach that some of our competitors use. It looks great, but is an HR nightmare. Imagine posting for a Management position to have thousands of resumes fly in -- half from Gen Y'ers. It can seem exciting when you have ONE position to fill. But when you have TEN or (yikes) two HUNDRED, then it can become a little overwhelming.

So pass along the good word to recuiters, employers, small business owners - especially those in smaller communities...all who are desperately looking for the best talent. And tell them to come to Gen Plus. Our talented jobseekers are waiting with open arms.

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