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Monday, January 16, 2006

Jump-starting at 50-plus

One of the things that our members tell us they find the hardest, is converting the overwhelming challenge of jobsearch at over 50 into positive, forward moving energy. There are so many roadblocks, such fragility of ego, and a necessary personal redefinition, that often something I'll call "Age-Block" occurs.

Much like writer's block, Age-Block is an internal shutting down of hope and perseverence due to societal impact. Searching for work, for a new life, or for continued assurance of a current lifestyle is fraught with setbacks after 50. And the ease with which one takes a risk, leaps at a challenge, disturbs the nest, changes and slows down and finally stops as we age.

It is a little more than mind over matter. If it were just mind over matter, then the fears projected by the media would not be gaining in credibility every day. And so, to quote an insurance agent commenting on getting FEMA monies after the '94 Northridge earthquake, "Tha squeakier tha wheel, tha mor' oil it gits!" To become an inspired jobseeker, that seized up engine block must be oiled to start moving.

And what better way to foster creativity and positive thinking than to surround yourself with beauty. My mother, who is a published poet, once agonized over her real writer's block. Her mentor told her to surround herself with beauty and creativity as it would reignite her fire. And it did.

What a great technique! I have discovered, that no matter what the insurmountable challenge, a day at a museum, an afternoon at the theater, looking, really looking at a child's piece of artwork, going to a compelling independant film, taking a drive in nature, spending a weekend in the country and walking barefoot in the grass, picking up Dickens, looking at Spanish architecture, studying the stars...any of these things and more (oh much more) stir up inspiration.

By immersing yourself in creativity you foster creativity. Snow crystals grow when inundated with positive thought. People thrive when they have a dog. Monthly massages deliver touch to untouched bodies. And when this energy becomes unblocked, so do the roadblocks. It isn't that ageism disappears. But resourcefulness -- looking at what you do want and how you will get there, increases...simply by oiling the machine, bringing beauty and creativity to your mind. Try it. You'll be pleased you did.

Then let me know what happened.

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