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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Forget your Aches and Pains -- Workout for 50 Plus Hits the Market!

So you see Thanksgiving around the corner and holiday parties are just waiting around the corner and you are sitting there thinking..."Oh my. How am I EVER going to handle ANOTHER five pounds this year?"

Well, you are not going to. Because this year, you are going to do something for your mind AND for you body, and get in shape. To help you, I'm very pleased to point you in the direction of our brand new 50 plus workout DVD, "Getting Started".
Trainer Laura Spiegel has designed a full body workout for all you couch potatoes and next-yearers! No floor work. The routine is low impact and all exercises are done standing up. (Your knees will thank you, and yes, you WILL sweat.) Exercise modifications are shown so you can up the aerobic activity as you need. Laura's team are REAL people...not aerobic junkies. And if they can get through this workout, so can you!

At only $14.95 including shipping, how can you deny yourself? Click on the link (or the sidebar) and Get YOURSELF Started.

I promise...there ARE muscles under the fat! And a little bit of an endorphin surge will do wonders for your self-esteem. If you are looking for that unusual holiday gift for a Boomer or someone over 50, keep us in mind. They'll thank you!


Elaine from Maine! said...

I am just laughing! I was JUST thinking that I'd better do something before I put on five pounds over the holidays. Great timing. Can I lose any weight from laughing?

holly said...

I think laughing works out the stomach muscles :)

Enjoy your site - and insight - very much.

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Thanks for the great comments! I think each chuckle is worth about 5 calories. A belly laugh about 10. In any case, Getting Started is a really fun, not impossible workout. I've heard from one woman was so inspired (she didn't know she had it in her!) that she is now going to aquafitness 3 x a week. Another woman started taking yoga as a result and her self-esteem is growing from the inside out...literally. Getting started is often all it takes. Typing this comment? About 3 calories. Feeling better in mind and body? Priceless!

Beverly from California said...

I just got my "Getting Started" today. I took a look at the DVD -- very cute -- and I figure if they can do it, I can do it! That little old lady sure did a good job. So she had to hold on to the chair a little, at least she was standing. Seriously, I think the leader was very warm and encouraging, and I'm pleased with the DVD.

NYCA said...

This is great! Considering the top area of disatisfaction Boomers have with their health has to do with weight and associated health risk... if this product is good, you should tell the world. Pass it on!

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Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Beverly, thanks for commenting. The two "students" are a 50-something and a more wobbly 70-something. They both found the workout do-able, challenging, and enjoyable (as you saw from the smiles and laughs.)

Laura (the trainer) spent a great deal of time and effort dedicated to creating a workout that would be both manageable and effective. Thanks for stopping by and I'll pass your kind words along to her!