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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feedblitz? Commenting? Help!

Bloggers LOVE to get comments, but the 50 plus demographic still prefers emailing to publishing comments. As well, I get emails from some of you who are frustrated trying to figure out how to make a comment from the feed you receive from Feedblitz. So to help you navigate the blog-comment world here's the easy 1-2-3. Email me at wspiegel@genplususa.com if you are still having problems after reading this post.

If you are a subscriber, that means you chose to get my articles via your email (either by subscribing on the blog or by taking out a membership at www.genplususa.com). The header tells you that the email is coming from Feedblitz. It's just like getting home delivery of the LA or NY Times...but via email.

You can't reply to the email to make a comment on the topic, just like you can't comment directly to your newspaper in your living room. Nor can you click into comments from the emailed article. You need to go to the source (i.e. the blog), so either click on the article TITLE to redirect to the blog, or go directly to the blogsite: http://genplus.blogspot.com to make a comment. Once at the home page for the article, you'll see a little line at the bottom that gives a number of comments. It looks like this:

Posted by Wendy, founder, Gen Plus at 11:14 AM 6 comments

Click on the link for comments (doesn't matter whether there are 0 comments or 100 comments) and write in the pop-up box. You'll be able to preview your comment before posting. You can post with your user name if you have one, as yourself, or anonymously. Because I moderate comments, you'll have to enter a special code (funny looking letters and numbers in a colored box) in order to post. I'll get a notification of the comment and provided that your comment isn't spam or offensive, I'll allow the post. Simple as that.

When you write something that catches someone else's imagination, there can be very interesting dialogue. I love when you email me, but other people would love to hear what you have to say as well. Now, go make yourself heard!

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