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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Chanukah Meets the Virtual Dreidel!

A very happy Chanukah to all my Jewish readers celebrating the Festival of Lights!

So who said it has to be all work and no play?

The Dreidel Game takes a new "spin" on things with an online version this popular holiday gambling game designed to keep kids entertained with pennies, candies or any item that can be used to create a "pot" of goodies.

Check out Judaism 101: Virtual Dreidel Game You start here by hitting the "ante up" button and the rules come up for you. Lots of fun.

If you want to play the traditional version, get yourself a dreidel (a four-sided spinning top with hebrew letters on each of the four sides). Each letter denotes an action. Everyone starts by putting a coin into the pot (or two or three or four coins...whatever you decide). Player 1 spins the dreidel. The letter that the top shows when it is down gives you the direction. Follow the direction and the next person takes a spin and follows their direction. Play stops when one person wins all them money...or if you've been using chocolate gelt (money)...it is eaten up!

I've taken the images of the Hebrew letters and their meanings from the Judaism 101 site. The letter shin means: Shtell (Put) You put a coin into the pot.

Letter: Gimmel Means: Ganz (All)You get all of the coins in the pot. All players must put a coin in the pot (ante up) to rebuild it.

Letter: Nun Means: Nichts (Nothing) You do not get any coins, but you do not lose any coins.

Letter: Heh Means: Halb (Half) You get half of the coins in the pot. If this leaves the pot empty, all players must put in a coin (ante up) to rebuild it.
Happy Chanukah!


Risa F. said...

Darn it. I ate all the chocolate coins before I read the article. The online dreidel is kind of fun, but I'm going to go buy more chocolate coins now that you've refreshed my memory of the game!

KareAnderson said...

Raised Baptist, with friends form many faiths, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and passed it on to several friends today.... your posts must touch a wide vareity of ageless people... also enjoyed your Trendwatch post
- Kare, SavvyHer

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Thanks Kare! Appreciate your comments. Such a small, big world, isn't it? Looking forward to the launch of Savvy Her. Please stop by again.