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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who moved MY cheese?

It is one thing to have to find a new job at over 50...but to relocate AND find a new job can be particularly challenging. One reader on my Eons group, Careers for Boomers and 50 Plus, posed this tough challenge:

Keep on Working!

I am relocating to Northern California with my spouse, who was recently promoted by her company. We are moving to the Bay Area in September 07'.I have been a successful business development/ sales manager for many years. I will be seeking new employment in this area. I am concentrating on the renewable energy/solar energy industry. Can anyone offer me any leads on known positions or companies that I may meet with.Thank you very much for your assistance.


Dear Jeff,

That was a challenge -- new city, green industry, no leads. I am a big believer in playing web detective. What that means is that I can find almost any information I want as long as I sleuth long enough and ask enough questions to the Google or Yahoo search engines. I looked up "renewable energy/solar energy industry, Northern CAlifornia" and got a slew of fantastic resources.

Understand that whenever you are niched, it may be harder to find the specific jobs -- make sure to post your resume on niche boards. In addition to Monster, Careerbuilder, Gen Plus, post on Dice and search on Simply Hired and Indeed (both catch most of the online listings on their sites). New niche boards pop up every day, so look for energy or green job boards. Also do a search for recruiters specializing in your skill set and NorCal. Keep us posted.

There is an Energy Web Directory on the California Energy Commission website. They list many renewable energy/solar energy companies on their site. Here is the link

Hope that gets you started.


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