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Monday, May 05, 2008

Mid-Life Loves Dogs...Watch for Pooch Buddies

I am about to reveal some interesting insights into my personal life which will likely give you some perspective into the topics I've been delving into over the past few months...and particularly into my love of career-chunking or multi-channeling.

A few months ago, I left the corporate world after a very long run (about 15 years) and since I was able to, decided to take the time...really take the time...and think. (Some might say I've been influenced by Eckhart Tolle, but that wouldn't be correct.)

Since the age of 20, I have never had more than a few weeks of time to gather myself, my thoughts really, together, and take a deep look at my life. So the past two months have been astoundingly fantastic. I've discovered that I love being home to take my daughter to school in the morning and to pick her up at the end of the day. I love business and I've also discovered just how much I love hanging out with my dog. And so I started a dog-walking/boarding service to see just how much I do, in fact, love hanging out with dogs...as a business. And I do. Love it.

So, if you live in the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, California, and you see a woman walking by with a dog or two on leash and a T-shirt or baseball cap that says "Pooch Buddies", it will be me or someone who works for me! If you see my car with the window decal that says "Pooch Buddies" that is definitely me, so honk and wave hello.

If you live in the Valley (from Thousand Oaks to Studio City) or Westside, or know someone who does and need help with your dog care, please visit my other website: www.poochbuddies.com (some dog products are already being sold there) and I'd love to help you out. But here is the best thing of all. Who will I be hiring as I grow? You got it...Gen Plussers. So, if you are a boomer or 50 plusser and want to potentially be a dog walker/sitter for me (that means getting paid to exercise and enjoy being with a dog), just let me know. And if you want to start up Pooch Buddies in your neck of the woods, let me know and we'll sort that out, too. I won't be talking about Pooch Buddies on this website as it isn't in the scope of topics I cover here, but I will let you know how my career-chunking goes and also when I need more of you to apply for a job as a Pooch Buddy!


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