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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gen Plus one of top 14 Boomer Blogs to Watch!

It's always exciting to discover that someone new has picked up a tidbit of interest from what you have to say as a blogger. It's also a wonderful feeling when you hit a note of resonance with an individual, a group, or in the case of Boomers and 50 Plussers...a collective. So it was with great delight that I discovered Gen Plus has been listed by PSFK (a global trends and innovation company) as 1 of their top 14 boomer blogs to follow.

Very exciting to see how many of these great blogs I know and follow and I'll bet you'll know most of them:

Here they are (in no particular order, thank you very much!):

* 20plus30* Boomer* Aging Fabulous* Time Goes By* Libido & Health* Changing Aging* The Boomer Blog* The Boomer Chronicles* Older But No Wiser* Aging Maven* Always Question* Auxiliary Memory* GenPlus (that's ME!)* Aging Hipster

I'm a big fan of all these bloggers. If you haven't checked them out before, give them a try. If you particularly like a writer, subscribe to their blog for a daily (more or less) dose of inspired thought.


Rhea said...

Congratulations! To us.

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

You have a very, very popular blog. And you know I'm a big fan of The Boomer Chronicles!