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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Birthday...to me!

It is my birthday today and I couldn't be happier. I'm turning 49 today...so 1 year away from MY big FIVE OH. One friend reminded me that I have ONE year left as a youngster. He's a journalist, so I believe he might be right.

Growing up in Canada, my birthday always fell right after Canada Day (July 1st) and because everyone went away for holidays, it was a challenge to have anyone show up to my birthday parties. My Mom was creative and joined my birthday with my sisters, so we'd have a late summer blowout with tons of kids. But I resented Canada Day all the same.

Now that I'm an American, I typically share the limelight, now, with Independence Day. I choose to believe that the fireworks are there for me. And the quiet day after, July 5th, my day, is a perfect way to enjoy the summer blockbuster you can't easily get into or the restaurant that is always too full.

I live in a very suburban, cozy neighborhood, with flat streets, close community and basically very un-LA-like. A wonderful summer troupe holds dress rehearsals of their Shakespearen productions on the producers lawn around the corner from us, and last night, on our way to watch the fireworks, my daughter felt very strongly she's prefer to watch MacBeth (that Scottish play) rather than the fireworks. So we watched an almost private performance of that great play.

This morning, my daughter and mother made me a fantastic breakfast in bed (after which I had a flurry of new client meetings!) and then we took in a showing of Wall-E (liked it...lots of fun, good, simple message) and had a lunch out with my kid (at her favorite restaurant, of course).

If you'd asked me 10 years ago if this was what I'd call a GREAT birthday, I would not have agreed. But now, at 49, with one more year of my youth left before I land firmly in middle age, this is a wonderful birthday. In fact, I wouldn't change a second of it or the year ahead. The country just celebrated Independence, and so, too, do I.


Rhea said...

Happy birthday to you! I just turned 50 in June. It's not bad. Your birthday sounded sweet.

Walter Akana said...

Just catching up, after travels!
Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Thanks for the good wishes! Having a good time so far!