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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Plumber

If you have been following the presidential debates then you'll know about "Joe the Plumber". If not, then here's the thumbnail. While stumping, Presidential candidate Barack Obama had a conversation with Joe Wurzelbacher (now dubbed "Joe the Plumber" by Obama and McCain), who objected to Obama's tax plan, given that he had hopes of purchasing his employer's plumbing business and would bring in over $250,000 annually in revenues (therefore subject to a higher tax under Obama's plan.)

Joe had no idea that he would become a central figure in the final debates and be used as an example of the middle American small business owner. Forget that Joe doesn't have his plumber's contractor license. (He works for a plumbing company under their license.) Or that he owes back taxes. (He probably doesn't earn enough money to make ends meet, much less pay taxes.) Or that he really doesn't have a solid plan in place to purchase a business. (But he can dream and plan, can't he?)

My point is that if I were Joe right now, I'd be ecstatic! Who doesn't need a good plumber? I'll bet his business is booming with millions of people who now know the name of a GOOD plumber! His business will likely explode with the millions of referrals from the debates alone. He'll be able to open Joe the Plumber franchises across the country. Then he won't mind paying a bit more in taxes at all! Listen, he brought up a good question and he seems like a good guy. If I lived in Ohio, I'd call him next time my faucets were leaking, my hot water heater was taking a tantrum, or my child innocently plugged up the toilet with half a roll of TP. When he sets up the California franchise, I'll be his first customer!

And I support Barack.


Ted said...


Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

You know, Ted, having been born and raised in Canada and living with universal health care for all, free, good public education and a strong middle class, I just don't see it that way. Different from the way the US is currently defined? Yes. Social responsibility? Absolutely. Nationalized banking? Yup. I did move here because of the allure of this incredibly strong consumer market, but an empire doesn't only build. It has to ebb and flow to stay healthy. A change in government will, in my very subjective opinion, make the country stronger.

MikiD said...

Let's review a couple of the details/facts of this story:
A. Joe is not a licensed plumber nor a member of any union. This will bring the full force of the trade unions down on him.
B. There's a big difference between what a company's gross is and what the company is finally taxed on. Quick research showed that Obama's plan would not raise Joe's taxes at all.
Miki D
Vista, CA

Scot Herrick said...

Joe (real name Sam) was not vetted by the McCain campaign, yet was brought up 21 times by McCain during the debate. He is trying to make Joe the mythical person in the middle class. That didn't work.

Would I hire Joe or his company? Nope, not based on this. I'd be running away because I wouldn't want an unlicensed person who doesn't understand how he is taxed to be fixing stuff in my house.

It is unfortunate that we can't simply ask questions of our candidates without having our life history out there with 21 mentions of a name. But that's where we are in this campaign.

I want people to work on my house who understand the problem to solve and understand that there are nuances -- not ideological positions that are as rigid as to only solve a problem one way.

Anonymous said...

If I were Joe, I'd write a quick book and call it "Joe the Plumber!". Then he could really make some good, fast cash. Then Joe would be "Joe the Writer" and then he'll be so happy enjoying his "real" money that he wouldn't mind paying a few taxes.