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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Silver Surfing

If you are over 50 and have not yet posted your resume on Gen Plus, you are missing an opportunity to be seen by employers specifically searching for the 50-plus demographic. A whole new world -- Silver Surfers -- as 50-plussers are also being called on the internet, is surfacing.

Some companies are starting to use us, the Gen Plus tribe for beta testing (just as many of you have been doing for
Gen Plus!) new internet applications in order to ensure they are user-friendly...and specifically Gen Plus (50-plus) friendly. We are leading the market, paving the way for 50-plussers to continue to be happily employed.

On a side note, based on our beta testing and your feedback, we've enhanced our payment programming. It is now a seamless process, easy to navigate with no additional need to create a separate account for payment. If you were experiencing any challenges, simply log in (or create your new account) and you'll be easily walked through the process.

As usual, email us at
info@genplususa.com with any challenges you may find as you navigate the site.

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