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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tribal bonding

The other day I talked about tribe. The word tribe conjures up an image of many same people closely bonded working toward a common goal. As a dual citizen (Canada/US) with strong Canadian roots, my sensibilities always tend to the common goal, the higher social responsibilty, success of the many over the few. As a result, the notion of tribe appeals to me greatly.

For those of my tribe, the 50-plussers who have been following the growth of Gen Plus (www.genplususa.com -- where we are reinventing 50-Plus), we are in an unusual position. Many of us have money, choices and direction. Many of us have not enough money, fewer choices and little clarity. Our mid-life crisis is setting in at least a decade later than our parents'. Ours revolves around financial and job security at a time where we will no longer be found useful in business communities. At 50-Plus we quickly become irrelevant and financially powerless, unless we have socked away enough money for an early and easier retirement.

One of our directions with Gen Plus revolves around continued education. Our Learn link offers a range of programs specifically geared to creating new neural paths, stretching 50-Plus brain power. I'm determined to bring our tribe together to deal with the challenges of aging when we are far too young to be at "that" age. I've toyed with the concept of online education. Our programs are fantastic and it gives a great opportunity to reach many more Gen Plussers in need of some serious mind-stretching.

However, that will not allow our community, our tribe of sages, to join, commune and to reinvent with group support. I have noticed some online communities popping up and offering online education for hefty (and I think far overpriced) education on subjects without much depth.

But I am relentless in my curiousity. MY inquiring mind wants to know what MY tribe really feels. Considering the challenges in getting the blogworld to 50-Plus, I wonder if online education can benefit our tribe. I know it will be purchased. That isn't the challenge. Anyone can take money. But will the online education really deliver a message that can approach tribal bonding? I don't think so.

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