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Thursday, March 08, 2007

2005 to today. Where are the jobs?

There are jobs. But where? If you are 50 plus, how do you find them? According to the US Department of Labor, back in December of 2005, the jobs of tomorrow were going to be in some industry supersectors, primarily: education and healthcare, and professional and business services. To the tune of an overall 5.2 million and 4.5 million jobs respectively over the 10 year period from 2004 to 2014. We're in 2007 and there is no question -- the amount of job openings in education and healthcare is amazing. Great sectors to focus on. Doesn't mean you have to be an educator or a nurse or doctor. These are all businesses that have to be run and any type of position that you'd find in other business sectors pop up in both education and healthcare arenas. I highly recommend a strong focus in your job search on these sectors. 5.2 million jobs is nothing to sneeze at (pardon the healthcare pun.)

But how does that help our 50 plussers actually get hired? Sadly, we are still about 5 years away from employers recognizing the need to recruit specifically from 50-plussers. Most employers are still finding themselves drawn to the younger worker. I get many emails from 50 plussers who believe that they have fallen prey to ageism. I'm sure they have. Only I don't believe it is always deliberate, conscious ageism. For sure, there are some cases where blatant ageism has stonewalled someone from getting a job. In many cases, however, youth wins simply because it is appealing, less expensive and more malleable as a employee.

So it means you have to be that much more resourceful than the average job seeker. Get your resume posted everywhere you can so you can be seen. Network like crazy. Do your research and target companies that interest you -- particulary in the growth sectors.

A couple of other great resources to find out where the jobs might be in your neck of the woods:

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