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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blogging Boomers Carnival #12.

I’m this week’s host for the Blogging Boomers Carnival, a group of popular bloggers dedicated to all things boomer and beyond. This week we welcome two new blogs to our group: www.cafeglam.com and www.irememberjfk.com .

So what is new and exciting in the eyes of our cyber-brand of carnies?

From I Remember JFK, Boomers remember the assassinations of the 60's, but many were too young to have been emotionally affected by them. But in 1980, John Lennon's murder hit them all hard.

Something must be in the air as some of our carnie-bloggers latch onto good looks, good health, and good aging:

Oscar winner Helen Mirren ("The Queen") appears on the cover of the latest issue of AARP magazine. Who knew AARP was so cool? Well, Boomer Chronicles sure did!

With this Spring's hot new looks being strutted down the runway by stick-thin models, how do you know which styles will work for the boomer gals? Find out from Deborah and JoJami at Café Glam - the fashion and beauty blog that helps women 40+ look and feel fabulous.

LifeTwo welcomes a new contributor, the Dating Goddess, who starts with a series of four posts on dating after 40. If you like that, then this post on Your Drum will probably interest you too...many women are grappling with the idea of having some plastic surgery procedure to become wrinkle-free.

Man-o-pause points us to two individuals who help us define and overcome a negative self concept. And because this is ALWAYS top of mind… So Baby Boomer points out that, basically, what is a heart-healthy lifestyle, is also good for erections.

Rearview Mirror explains Age Nullification ... and to keep us all going for another few days...here's an interview with a shining example of a contemporary retiree - Hazel Zwager - who, at 80 years young defies age...rocking the world of network marketing and has no plans to retire any time soon.

If you plan on Hazel-like career success and are looking for work, then head over to this post on great resources to get your resume pumped up and shiny-new.

1 comment:

Rita said...

The roundup of boomer blogs is interesting. Do readers like it?

I have a new blog for boomer consumers called The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at http://boomersurvive-thriveguide.typepad.com.

Can I join your Carnival? How do I go about that?

Rita Robison, Consumer Specialist