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Sunday, June 17, 2007

California Sunshine No Longer Enough

At the end of May, the Public Policy Institute of California (www.ppic.org) sent out a release detailing recent findings on a potentially dramatic impact on the California economy. For the full release, click here. What is alarming to the state is that there are now less college educated workers moving INTO California and those who already live here are not graduating in sufficient numbers to keep up with work demand. An overall shortage of college educated workers in California means potentially higher wages for those who will choose to live and work here. Part of the challenge is the soaring increase in cost of living. Home purchases are not affordable, traffic is really horrific in the major metropolitan areas, gas prices are high. Sunshine just ain't cutting it anymore.

This is the start of a geographic shift in our own country (a few weeks ago I wrote about the massive Chinese migration happening across that great geography) and I also suspect, strong opportunities for the hoards of 50 plussers, who have the skill sets, are prepared to stay where their roots are, and are willing to work.

Keep your eyes on California. All trends start on the West Coast. If California need can help drive employment for the 50 plusser, then we will see that sweep across the country...from the West, through the Center of our country (which needs the most help right now) all the way to the Eastern shores.


RiverBanks said...

Instead of the logical step of hiring older, more experienced workers who already know how to do the job, I bet employers will try to get more foreign workers, who are underpaid and underrepresented. We need more publicity about this issue! Otherwise, none of us will have enough to retire on, ever.

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Thank you for your comments. The reality is that there will be enough employment opportunities for all. There is, however, going to be a shortage in the types of jobs that 50 plussers COULD easily fill -- all the way from customer service, to engineering, to executive management. The more people that speak up and make noise, the more employers will realize the talent that is sitting here, right under their noses, ready, willing and able to contribute to the workforce.