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Monday, June 25, 2007

Fireworks, page rank and reading glasses?

There is something about the notion of being in love on July 4th that just tickles my fancy. It may have to do with high school summers and kissing under the fireworks (except it was Canada, so that meant it was July 1st, not July 4th, and our local fireworks weren't as spectacular as what I'm come to associate with July 4th in LA...but I digress...)

So, I decided to do a Google search. If there would be any one place that I could find love on July the 4th, surely Google would direct me there. There were 11,700,000 references that came up under the search words: finding love on the 4th of July.

So I decided I'd better narrow it down a bit by adding quotation marks.

"Finding love" on July 4th -- gave me 22,700 -- a bit better odds of finding love.

So I thought I'd take it one step further.

I ran "Finding love" on July 4th at 50 plus.

That took it down to 775 references -- with my blog being the number 1 reference. I thought that was pretty funny. So I dug in deeper.

I ran the words "Finding love" on July 4th for 50 plus singles. 712 references. My blog, the #1 spot. (To be honest, Gen Plus does have a singles site, but I would not call myself a matchmaker by trade. A romantic? Yes. Matchmaker? No.)

So I decided to be really, really specific.

I used the words "Finding love at 50 plus" and took out July 4th.

Only 1 link came up. Mine. Gen Plus.

From almost 12 million down to 1? My blog has a strong page rank, but honestly, I wasn't finding this so funny anymore.

I like love...just like the next gal (or fella). I like cuddling up and watching the fireworks reflect in my man's eyes. So what if I need reading glasses to see them? So what if half a century has gone by? Doesn't a 50 plusser still rank to find love? I was feeling a bit insulted.

Now either 50 plussers are not looking for love online (which I know they are), or they are not FINDING it. So...time for just one more search. I put my glasses back on and this time, I decided to go for the kissing and forget about the fireworks.
So I plugged in "kissing" at 50 plus. Thank goodness. 2,040,000 references. OK. I realize where I erred. Maybe the message is that we should stop worrying about finding the love and just enjoy the fireworks?


tallpaul said...

wendy: your series on 50+ with fireworks triggered my google alerts and it was sent my way. i was curious as to what you had to say about fireworks since that is our business. google certainly gets mind boggling when you start a search. thanks for a great series. tallpaul shelton (74)at http://www.sheltonfireworks.com and http://sheltonfireworks.blogspot.com

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Hi tallpaul! I LOVE your blog. Feels like I just went on a roadtrip across the US and met all your fine staff. As for my personal tastes, I adore choreographed fireworks shows -- such as the international competitions in Montreal, and 4th of July spectaculars across LA. And one of the best? Disneyworld in Orlando. Phenomenal. There is nothing as exciting as watching the streams of light trail through the sky. Thanks for stopping by!