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Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's HERE! Blogging Boomers Carnival #83...Hosted by Yours Truly.

It is my pleasure to be this week's host of the Blogging Boomer's Carnival. Each week, some of the best Boomer Bloggers share their posts with each of our audience's through the carnival. So, without further ado, here is what has been going on this week in bloggerland....

From Don't Gel Too Soon... Cindy's memories of the 1968 Democratic Convention, on the eve of this one 40 (!!) years later.

Speaking of 40 years later...ever worn a V-neck top, looked in the mirror, and been disappointed to see a your once youthful décolleté is now a wrinkled mess? What’s a boomer gal to do? Check out a clever new product designed to solve this beauty dilemma at Fabulous after 40.

It's a pleasure to offer today's I Remember JFK memory as a currently available toy, and NOT as something that disappeared while you weren't looking! (like the once youthful décolleté, perhaps??) Indeed, Slinky, and its manufacturer, Poof-Slinky, Inc.(a company owned by the family of Slinky's inventor) stand tall as triumphant survivors which have weathered harsh economic times, changing public tastes, and the relocation of American manufacturing jobs to third world countries.

With different childhood experiences (except for Slinky!), Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y (the Millennials) have one thing in common today---they're in your workforce and they have disparate skills. For the boomer's guide to communicating with Gen X and Y at work, check out SoBabyBoomer.

And from Baby Boomer Entrepreneur: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Michael Phelps

OK...we all have another thing in common. Moving on after divorce... literally. It can "cut right into your heart." See why over at Life Two.

And you'll love this post over at the Mid-Life Crisis Queen! Do women have midlife crises too, or do they just start doing inappropriate things with younger men who ride motorcycles, and blame it all on hormones or midlife? The Queen tackles this question today.

Which takes us back to aging...an article about the fact that fruit juices, such as grapefruit, orange and apple, can seriously reduce the effectiveness of heart, cancer and organ transplant rejection drugs, caught the eye of Ann at Contemporary Retirement this week.

Ummm...and if you wait too long...The Boomer Chronicles wants you to know about an amazingly easy and – dare I say it – fun way to plan your funeral.

Virginia Cornue of http://www.Vaboomer.com yearns for the simplicity (me too!) she found at the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Warm people and quiet beauty.

As for me? I was absorbed this week by the similarities between a new immigrant breaking into the workforce of a new country, and an aging baby boomer trying to break into that same market.

Have a great week!


Beverly Mahone said...

Hi Janet!

Just stopping by to say hi. The Boomer Chronicles is one of my favorite blogs so anyone attached to it will draw me to them.

I look forward to reading more of your writing now that I've found you.

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Thanks, Beverly! Glad to have you pop over and I hope you'll feel free to comment often. I'm a huge fan of Rhea's Boomer Chronicles...in fact she is the reason I joined our Blogging Boomers Carnival!