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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

President Hillary Clinton

You know, I'm not a political pundit. I'm just your average American/Canadian, 49 year old single mother and former corporate executive now turned pet care entrepreneur who would have really liked to see Hillary become the first woman president of the United States.

Did you see and hear her speech at the Democratic Convention? That was a President of the United States, looking fantastic, fashionable, eloquent, clear of eye, voice and spirit, telling us that she was not going to be President of the United States.

If I were a political player, maybe I'd have been able to swing enough additional support for her from our Boomers and 50 Plussers. But I'm not and I didn't.

So who will be our first woman president? Did I see the light shining in Chelsea's eyes? I think I did. Will I have to wait THAT long for President Chelsea Clinton to take the spotlight?

I'm delighted that Barack Obama has the charisma to sway the country and may be able to use that momentum to create the movement that needs to take place. We need a change and there is no question in my mind that the Democratic agenda is a good one. But when Hillary asked if we had voted for her in the primaries or for the Democratic agenda I had to pause...for more than a moment. Because I voted for her.


Rhea said...

I did, too. But I'm excited about the Obama candidacy.

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

I'm very excited by it, as well...I just had hoped that we'd see a woman president. There is no doubt that Barack Obama, who created this kind of energy so quickly and so sweepingly certainly has got what it takes to move us forward.

thebaglady said...

I thought that Hillary's speech was pretty great, too. However, the media attacked her later and said that she didn't pump up Obama enough. It's like, come on, she conceded gracefully and she was a class act! I definitely do not think Obama has what it takes to change this nation even though he may be one of the most popular politicians in recent times. Right now I'm quite excited about Sarah Palin, the courageous governor from Alaska.

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

I have to say that I'm extremely surprised that McCain would choose Sarah Palin. Not only is she completely lacking in national and international experience, but if by some small chance, McCain won the presidency and died in office, I do not see how such an inexperienced person could possibly lead our country. In my opinion, a tremendous error in judgement on McCain's part. If he was listening to his gut, it must have been on a day he had heartburn.

Neal said...

Hi Janet!

Long time since I've visited GenPlus. Making myself visit my favorite blogs. I see Rhea at Boomer Chronicles is a fan of yours, too. Looks like things are going well. Nice post on Hillary. Great hopes for Obama, and hope Hillary will make another run!

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Hi Neal! Thanks for stopping by. Love to hear from you more. (I'm a big fan of Rhea's, too!)

thebaglady said...

Hah, if we talk about experience. Sarah Palin is much more qualified than Barack Obama, who will actually be president from day one if he wins. Palin ran a state with 20000+ employees and a budget of billions, and Barack was pretty much a lifetime politician that was a former community organizer and ran a senate office with 40 employees or so. Additionally, Palin is pulling in quite a bit of campaign contributions for McCain and that will help him. So I don't think McCain made a mistake at all.

Janet Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

I'm not a political blogger (or maybe I am?) but obviously there will be a lot of opinion and excitement about this presidential race. Here is very strong article from Cyro Kid worth a read (http://cryo-kid.blogspot.com): http://cryo-kid.blogspot.com/2008/09/think-geography.html

Also worth reading the article by Gloria Steinem: http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-steinem4-2008sep04,0,1290251.story