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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogging Boomers Carnival #32 on Gen Plus!

It's my turn to be the hostess with the mostest and it is my pleasure to bring you Blogging Boomers Carnival #32 -- an eclectic mix of the some of the best Boomers are blogging about on the web.

From I Remember JFK, do YOU remember when food was delivered on roller skates? Going to a drive-in for a meal of burgers and fries was fun for a Boomer kid in a whole lot of ways. First of all, a hamburger, fries, and a shake tasted like heaven. Second, eating in the car was a blast. And thirdly, your food was delivered by a cute teenaged girl on roller skates.
How much better could life get?

Many baby boomers like to reminisce about their favorite childhood toys. The Boomer Chronicles reminds us of this particular toy that rocked the world of many kids growing up in the 1960's. And for a inside look at the woman behind The Boomer Chronicles, check out LifeTwo’s exclusive tell-all interview with Rhea Becker.

That made me hungry! Fortunately, Your Drum brings Summer dishes that can be made relatively quickly and are delicious. Here are 101 Summer meals you can make in ten minutes.

But if you are stuck on carbs and fat, then the end may be nearer than you think. Better get ready. Death Bond is shorthand for a gentler term the financial industry prefers: life settlement-backed security. Whatever the name, it's an investing concept cooked up by Wall Street to fill a need of the aging Baby Boomer generation -- check it out at So Baby Boomer.

Ummm....and speaking of death...if you haven't yet heard about Oscar the Death Cat,
Contemporary Retirement reports on how one particular cat is playing the role of grim reaper in a nursing home...yikes.

But...if you are like me and want to stick around awhile, then aren't you always looking for an easy way to get a good workout? At Café Glam, the fashion blog for women 40+, Deborah and JoJami tell us about a new curved walking shoe that works wonders because it has the same effect on your muscles as walking on sand. These boots ARE made for walking.

At Gen Plus, our focus last week was on standing apart from the rest in job search. Read on to get a big business take on what 50 plus means to an employer.

Now this is definitely worth a read! When you turn 50, you start to think differently. No longer is the question "How old are you?" The Wastrel Show tell us that the new question is "How many years do I have left?"


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