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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Education -- teachers in great demand!

In addition to running Gen Plus, I own/manage/moderate a group on Eons, Careers for Boomers and 50 Plus with over 825 members. One of the group members posted an interesting comment today, regarding teaching, that I want to share with this readership.

Substitute Teaching

"Good morning everyone...(you can always tell someone has been out of work for a while when their greeting is 'good morning' at 11:40AM.) I have seen many postings here that they have been through the wringer for more than a year - some, multiple years. At least a fair share have at least a bachelors' degree. I am looking at some independent contractor work - long story and perhaps/perhaps not going to pan out....but in the interim::::I am getting paperwork together to sign up for substitute teaching. Many school districts have a severe shortage of available subs. In the area I am living in, people signed up to sub tell me that they get called EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY!!!So, thought I'd pass this along; a friend from church, who is full time, fully credentialed teacher, tells me that the districts are DESPERATE and have resorted to using minimally qualified people, so if your degree is old, knowledge waning, it appears you still have a shot at it. My friend also tells me that all the lesson plans are generally set up in advance for months at a time, so you are set to go - right through the door and earning a daily rate......GOOD LUCK FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DECIDE TO ATTEMPT THIS ROUTE... I will also keep you posted on my situation in re subbing... "


I've been hearing more and more about the real need for teachers, so check what the credentialing criteria is in your state...if you are in dire need of income, there may be students in dire need of your knowledge.

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