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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Health Care

I don't typically wax political, but on this issue, I need to speak out. Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton unveiled her proposed Health Care Plan. To read a summary from her campaign website, click on the link: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/feature/healthcareplan/summary.aspx

My history? I was born and raised in Canada, where there is universal health coverage. For all the bad press that Canadian coverage gets, I never had to worry about being able to get medical attention. If I needed elective surgery, or non-life-threatening surgery, then often there could be a waiting list from several months to several years, however, for any urgent matter, I never had to worry.

Did I pay a higher tax? Yes. Did it bother me? No. I pay more now, in the US to cover myself and my child than I ever paid through my weekly tax deductions. As well, I was invested with a sense of social responsibility, with a clear understanding that a healthy, educated population would contribute to a strong middle class. The strong middle class would continue support of the programs to drive extreme poverty down, and good health and education up.

So part of my emotional context, lies in an inbred debt to social responsibility. (That, incidentally, is why I'm so driven to support the 50 plus demographic.)

What do I like about Hillary's proposal?

All Americans will be covered (not 100% clear here -- does that include landed immigrants?) and there is a proposal on the table for Retiree plans. Which is great. Because a relatively new American I know, over 70, not eligible for free Medicare, is currently paying over $1000 a month for health coverage, PLUS co-pays, PLUS monthly medical subscriptions. That makes no sense to me. At 70 plus, she is in her time of most medical need and least disposable income.

Will all the other candidates have positions? Yes. But this one comes from Clinton -- with a track record miles long on a push for intelligent health care reform. Inform yourselves.

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