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Saturday, October 13, 2007

From one Boomer to Another: Shame on you, Ann Coulter.

I am a Jew. I'm proud of it. I find my spirituality in my faith, just as Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and other believers in different faiths do in theirs.

"If it was good enough for Jesus to be a Jew," says my 71-year-old mother, a practicing Jew, "it is good enough for me."

So, what has sparked my indignation on this fine California morning? Why am I so upset?

Because of Ann Coulter.

Ann, shame on you! Earlier this week, the outspoken Coulter, offended interviewer, Donny Deutsch, and pretty much his entire wide audience, by declaring that the world would be better off if we were all Christians. She took it a step further by stating that the Christian view is that Christians are perfected Jews.

All I can say, is "Oy vey."

How can Coulter, a staunch Republican, so blatantly forget that the United States of America built up its immigrant base with people escaping all kinds of intolerance (and for many, religious persecution.) Coulter is a tail-end Boomer, but not quite a 50-plusser, yet. Maybe in a few years she'll have matured just a tad.

On the plus side, in one fell swoop, she destroyed the Republican base in America. As a Democrat myself, I've got to say, "Good going, Ann. See you in my version of heaven."

To read the full, completely offensive transcript of the interchange between Deutsch and Coulter, follow the link.


GoingLikeSixty.com said...

Ann Coulter is a great self-promoter. She gets face time because producers know that she will say outrageous things and bring buzz to their TV program.
Don't be mislead by the size of the cable tv audience. It's tiny in comparison to major networks.
She's just a troll.
We bloggers know how to deal with trolls. Too bad the tv producers are exploiting people's desire to look at the car wreck.

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Thanks -- your comments make me feel quite a bit better. This one just got under my skin. She's promoting her new book (so you are quite right about the self-promtion) and I'll bet her book sales soar due to all the controversy raging over this latest. Just too irritating for words.

Anonymous said...

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