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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My new media penpal

Last night I had a great privilege.  I got to meet a fellow blogger.  For many of you who are 100% time-committed to blogging, you may attend blogger symposiums and conferences, meet niche bloggers at niche events, like BlogHer, or spend time with other writers, journalists or techies who spend the majority of their time in the new media medium.


But, for me, a single mom, corporate executive by day and super-blogger and champion of Boomer and 50 plus by night, most of my interaction is, necessarily, online.  I’ve had the wonderful good fortune to make many new cyberfriends and develop business associations with like-minded bloggers.  We see each other’s pictures online, have rapid-fire exchanges of ideas, and meet up through online vehicles.


So when I have the chance to meet a fellow writer, blogger, advocate, in person…I am beside myself.  Occasionally a blogger will head to LA and because I do travel in my daytime world, I am in many cities across the US, so I tend to meet up with kindred spirits on the road.  Imagine my excitement when I got an email from a fellow blogger who, at the last minute, was coming to LA. 


And so, of course, we met up last evening.  Although it was the first time we had met in person, we were like little girls, curled up on an outdoor sofa at a Beverly Hills hotel, exchanging our thoughts, ideas, sharing links and diet Coke with Mac on lap!  Cynthia Samuels is a wonderful writer, free spirit and a breath of fresh air. Her blog travels from  Costco to Vietnam and on to Randy Newman!  The few hours flew by and I felt just the way I had when as a young child, I had the opportunity to meet one of my penpals (except I was much younger and really had nothing to talk about at the time.)


Lately, I’ve been hearing from other bloggers who are looking to meet up if we end up in the same cities…and for me…what a wonderful way to mesh the daily world and the online world.  Two communities really converging in a new century way.

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