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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cryo Kid: Drawing a New Map -- a look at the human emotions behind the science of assisted reproduction

It is rare that I can proudly share a profound, pivotal moment in the life of my family. And even rarer that I can share it with the rest of the world.

My mother, an accomplished, awarded writer (who has also guest written on this blog), has just published her new book, Cryo Kid: Drawing a New Map. As someone who promotes the efforts of the Boomer and 50 plus demographic, it blows me away that my 70-something mother shares so deeply, so passionately, her thoughts and philosophies through the written word (and yes...I'm a character in the book.) Not only that, but with a zest for life, an energy for forward momentum that pushes me to my own forward movement.

I ask you, supportive readers, to extend your support to her efforts. I've attached the press release below (the public release goes out tomorrow) and for any of you in the Los Angeles area who would like to join us for the LA launch, we'd love to have you there! Email me and I'll put your name on the list so you'll get a reminder evite.

Corinne Heather Copnick invites you to join her in celebrating

the publication of her new book

Cryo Kid: Drawing a New Map

A seventy-something Grandma barely survives her career-driven daughters' quest for children and discovers a heartwarming new definition of family.
Thought-provoking, humorous and inspiring!

"...a remarkable job of demystifying the increasingly common experience of using a sperm donor." -- California Cryobank, Los Angeles

Author talk, book signing and refreshments. Please join us!

Sunday, March 9th
2:00 pm
Dutton's Brentwood Books
11975 San Vicente Blvd.
LA, CA 90049

Take a look, purchase the book for someone you know who has gone through assisted reproduction, someone who is thinking about it, or someone who is mother, father, relative or friend. It's a tough road and educating others about the changing family concept together with the emotional hurdles of going through assisted reproduction is vital as our technology continues to outpace our capacity to process the emotions that necessarily ride alongside it.

Sneak peek -- PRESS RELEASE

For Immediate Publication February 3, 2008


An inside look at the human emotions behind the technology.

The little seven-year-old girl born to a single mother through an anonymous donor from a sperm bank never met her Daddy, so she doesn’t miss him. That’s what she tells curious people who ask. She is a cryo kid—the word “cryo” is short for cryogenics. As readers of CRYO KID: DRAWING A NEW MAP, a just published book by Corinne Heather Copnick, roller coast through the human side of technological ups and downs with the cryo kid’s seventy-something grandma (the author, who barely survives her career-driven daughter’s quest for children), they discover a heart-warming new definition of family.

From Grandma’s perspective, the author explores the exponential transformation that has taken place in families in her lifetime, as well as the infertility crisis currently being experienced by career women who waited too long to have children.

Against the backdrop of three cities, Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles and inspired by true experience, CRYO KID is, in fact, written from several perspectives: the voices of Grandma, her daughter, the grand-daughter (a gifted child who adds so much joy to their lives), and the sperm donor. Unexpectedly, eight siblings are discovered across the country, and the donor reveals himself.

Written with insightful humor and a sense of wonder, CRYO KID is intended to be educational, positive, and eye-opening. It asks this question: How do we maintain our values in an exponentially changing world? “Corinne Copnick does a remarkable job of demystifying the increasingly common experience of using a sperm donor,” attests the California Cryobank. “Her warm, caring account of her own daughter’s story provides a compelling introduction into the possibilities and responsibilities … as the field of assisted reproduction technology grows.”

Available at Amazon.com, bn.com (Barnes and Noble), other online booksellers, and ordered through major bookstores. Author autographed copies available through cryokid.com

L.A. Book Signing!
CRYO KID will be launched in Los Angeles at Dutton’s Brentwood Books, 11975 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310.476.6263) on Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 2 P.M. (everyone welcome).

For further information, please contact Corinne Copnick by email or telephone (818.345.1531). Coverage and interviews will be greatly appreciated. The author is available for online or offline promotion.


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