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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Find someone doing something right. Please.

I believe in finding people doing something right. (Love Ken Blanchard's "The One Minute Manager".) Optimistic by nature and socially conscientious, I manage by finding people’s strengths and helping them find and develop the best in themselves. But have you ever found yourself working for a someone whose management style is to find someone doing something wrong? I suspect that there are a lot of nodding heads.

Blanchard believes that an effective manager is one who can master three key ideas and he positions them as one-minute management tools: one-minute goal-setting; one-minute praising; and one-minute reprimand.

So, first, because I'm just an upbeat kind of gal, I'm going to lavish some praise on bloggers. In one minute.

Bloggers have shaped what is now called Web 2.0, or new media. We blog at home, at night, on our laptops, from our cell phones, in transit, on flights, in trains, from across the world. We can draft at night and post in the day, build readership, build loyalty, build influence. No one edits our thoughts, and many can be affected by what we write. We are media without borders and writers from the heart. You can turn us on and off at will. You can comment, visit as often as you like, forward to friends. I'll stand by my support of Hillary, but I've got to express my deep admiration and wonder at how Barak has harnessed the power of internet through blogging.

And now, my one-minute reprimand:

The job market is changing. There are relatively few bloggers that address the challenges in the workplace for Boomers and 50 Plussers . And we see employees lose their jobs for small reasons. The question I get often is: are employers changing their definitions for some staff and not others? Will there be a lot of legal action by disgruntled employees taking place in a lot of companies over the next few years? Unless employers get with the change in workforce, I suspect there will be.

And my one-minute goal-setting?

I want to hear from you so we can continue to work toward the empowerment of the 50 plus worker. What workplace challenges are you experiencing? And what do you want me to address or explore on your behalf? Time-frame? Before I hit 55.


mickie said...

I strongly agree with you. For the most part today's employers are under 40 and they have a mind set that over 50 employees do not fit into their work "culture". This is a load of "bunk". Being 54, I have had personal experience with ageism in the workforce. Employers need a change in mind-set to understand that just because we are in our 50's does not mean that we are all washed up. We have a lot of value to offer in todays workplace. Being 50 today is not like being 50 in the 70's or 80's. We are more vibrant than our parents, we take better care of ourselves, and many of us look like we our 40+ rather than 50+. We need to shake-up the workforce, not let employers get away with it and stand strong as a 50 plus employee or prospective employee. My new tactic during my job pursuit will be to get to the bottom line early in an interview, if the interviewer is 40 and under. And be blunt- If you are looking for someone with my background and experience who can contribute effectively and efficiently to your bottom line,not take a leave to raise a family, than you should hire me. If you are concerned that I do not fit into your organization's culture just because I am older, than let's not waste one other's time. Of course no prospective employer is going to admit to age discrimination, but if we throw it out there, employers may become more cognizant and give it more thought. It is an uphill battle for the 50 plus worker. As a 50+ female I will continue to fight this battle.

Wendy, founder, Gen Plus said...

Hi Mickie,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There is nothing more satisfying than being direct, is there? It is kind of like pointing to the elephant in the middle of the room and forcing a level of acknowledgement. You are right -- it is an uphill battle. Glad to have you as part of the team!


Arlene said...

I love that tactic; I'm going to file it away for a dreaded future job hunt.